Oracle Learning Library and Massive Open Online Courses – Free as in beer!

Hello everyone,

This is a very short post regarding Oracle Online Training for Free… Yes, as in beer!

There’s a new training mode for Oracle enthusiasts. It covers from Java to the Oracle Cloud, including everything in between, including Database, SQL, PL/SQL and other topics. There are permanent courses and MOOCs.

Massive Open Online Course (a.k.a. MOOC) are time limited events that  include videos, materials and everything you need to practice the lesson objectives.

Simply go to:

This will take you to the Oracle Learning Library landing page.

From there you will find Learning Paths, Permanent Courses and Limited-Time Events. Each section has a wide range of options, topics and modules that can help grow your professional skills. The best of all? For Free!

In my case, my main interest circles around Oracle Databases, SQL, PL/SQL, Apex and DevOps.

Choose your destiny and grow!


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