Dreams do come true!

Welcome back my dear readers!

It’s been some time since I last wrote something that had to do with my personal life. This, even though is related to my professional development, has to do with my dreams as a kid.

Back in the day, I was a kid and I was introduced to an incredible thing called “a personal computer”. A friend, whose parents obviously had deeper pockets than mine gave him one.

So he inserts this huge 5 inches flexible disk and types “td.exe”, hits the ENTER key and all of a sudden, magic started to happen.

Test Drive loaded and I was about to cry.

When we began playing, the sound was like angels singing. Tire burning and drifting would be this high pitch monoaural speaker sort of deaf ring. (You can’t even imagine how ugly it is… But 3 decades ago… It was pure digital magic!

Image result for test drive dos game

The excitement of the game led me to say: I have to learn how to do this. I have to work in a company that creates games one day!

Today, I am.

I’m part of the family at Massive Entertainment, a Ubisoft Studio; creators of Ground Control, World in Conflict, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Far Cry 3, Just Dance Now, Tom Clancy’s The Division and the Snowdrop Engine!

I found the job opening after a playing session. The client (Uplay PC) showed a pop up window announcing the sarch for talent. I decided to take a look, found 1 single job opening where I could fit and I went for it!

How? You may ask…

Always stay true to your principles and passion. Be honest. Be yourself. Don’t stop believing it can happen and it will.

Video games became part of my life. It’s not optional. It’s not a thing I would abandon. Through my life, they have been a catalyst and a motivation. A place to recharge. They are my temple and meditation.

So, if you find your passion. Never ever let it go. There are many steps to get to the dream. There are years of other jobs and getting the bills paid. But stay focused and you’ll end up were you want to be!

Believe in yourself because when it is about your passion, nobody else can do stuff as good as you do, and if they can, then you’ll totally want to learn from them!

Happy 2019 to all of you!

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