Why I joined Massive Entertainment?

Hello my dear readers!

I decided to write this post to give you a glance of all the things that happened that made me join my current job and let you know that taking risks can pay big if you make informed decisions.

For me it was a no-brainer from the start as I have a passion for videogames. Nevertheless I had to contemplate the changes that taking this leap of faith would mean for my wife and my kids.

Core Values

When I was going through the interview process, I was given some brochure depicting the Core Values of the company that deeply impacted my view of the opportunity that was in front of me.


We are inclusive, friendly, and treat each other fairly. We protect, support, and challenge each other to grow. We believe in diversity. We are a team that collaborates and builds bridges beyond the studio to include our global family.


We dare to take action. We are open-minded and explore to improve. We are ambitious and willing to fail, make mistakes and learn from them. We challenge assumptions, put trust in others, and confront our own fears.


We always put the satisfaction of the user first and we understand the purpose and context of our craft. We strive for the highest possible quality in everything we do, no matter what our role in the studio is. We are proud of our work and know when it is done.


Responsibility is about keeping promises and communicating when you can’t. We are honest with ourselves and with others, and are able to give and receive constructive feedback. We are accountable for our actions and ask rather than assume.

How this pushed me to move?

From the start I was honest about my situation. I had an expired passport and was unable to move in the short term.

They, instead of ditching me for not being able to move as soon as desired, encouraged me to find a solution and push to get my new passport or an extension and even asked me to keep them posted on the advance I did in that process every so often.

This was a clear proof that these Core Values were beyond pretty words in a piece of paper (or a PDF in this case). These core values clearly lead the actions of my recruiters and future colleagues.

It was then when I knew that
I was meant to be here.


New country

Coming from Latin America, moving to Sweden was simply a huge leap into a different culture, far away from family and friends were we would be our only support for some time.

Different language

The fact that in Sweden people speak Swedish was a concern, nevertheless the amazing fact that more than 90% of the population speaks English was a nice surprise.

Different Culture

The Swedish culture is far in many ways to the Latin American culture. That could mean an eventual “cultural” shock. Yet again, the risk seems acceptable because of the possible rewards that this opportunity was already showing.


Let’s face it, I won’t discuss work benefits here, I will talk about life benefits.

New Country

A new country is always a nice experience if you take it the right way. New places to know, new food, new songs, new habits. It can be scary if you’re afraid of changes or it can be amazing if you engage it with an open mind and curiosity.

Different Language

A new language is always an asset. The fact that Sweden is a place where Swedish is the main language, but English is the second default, makes it even better.Our kids would grow surrounded by 3 languages already. Hopefully when they grow up they will speak between 4 and 6 languages.

Europe Lifestyle

It’s well known that living in the EU has a ton of benefits for traveling, access to high quality goods and many other things. Having this opportunity made this opportunity very appealing.

The Nordics

Even though, Sweden is in the EU, it is part of a smaller group of countries that have a high cohesion: The Nordics.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland share this corner of the World. Traveling from one country to another one can be done via trains, buses, ferries and airplanes with an affordable cost.


Massive Entertainment is located in Malmö, Sweden. In the southern region known as Skåne. This city has over 40% of immigrant population, which makes it a place of high diversity and people really open to try to understand you and explain themselves even though you don’t speak the same language.

It only takes 30 minutes by train to be in Copenhagen and have a different day in a touristic hub full of stuff to do, including the Tivoli Attractions Park!

Malmö is in the top 5 bike-friendly cities in the World, making it a wonderful place to stay in shape and bike everywhere, with your kids included.


On top of all of this, the friendly nature of the team was like love at first conversation and the romance is still on 1 year after I joined. Each passing day makes me feel more more “in the zone” and love what I do even more.

The constant learning, the ever growing challenges, the always supporting tribe-family sense you get here are things that are priceless in a place where you will spend half the time you stay awake during your day-to-day life.

This is why I joined and why I decided to write this article!

Do you want to be part of this family?

Take a look at our job openings and see if you’re a fit!

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