The Sides Of My Life is a place where we want to share our personal experience. This will make this blog a place to find almost everything, in the range of technology to arts, going through parenthood and well-being. This is our place to share.

Who we are?

Jesús Alejandro Sánchez (a.k.a. Silvarion) is a person who likes to learn. He is a son, an older brother (twice), a loving father and husband, an eternal student and a Oracle Database Administrator.

Claudy De Sousa (a.k.a. Cyradyl) is and artist. She’s a daugther, lilttle sister, loving mother and wife, a well-being pursuer and a amazing singer and actress.

We are the ones behind this site and trying to bring this idea to life.

We are the ones that doesn’t want to keep words secret anymore.

We are the ones whom desire is to share, to help, to live without limits.

We are the ones trying all of that above!

Come with us and enjoy this huge adventure called life!

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