Catharsis – The Planet of the Apes

Greetings my dear readers,

Today I want to get rid of this foul mouth flavor, this weight in my soul that has me asking time after time if I’m doing a good job as a father, husband and person.

Every single day I catch a glance of news that seem to bring along some sort of omen of an imminent apocalypse if we, as in humankind, don’t change the path we’re walking.

Every day we get more and more disconnected, we are more violent, we talk less, we understand each other less and we don’t want to listen to others.

boliiarobo-e1439828686501The omnipresent videos of justice by own hand in Venezuela are getting harder and harder to skip. It’s a reality I don’t want to watch. I don’t want to share it. I don’t want to support it. I see with deep concern that this videos become viral too fast and society dumps its frustration in comments that try to justify and exacerbate the violence as a way to get that needed justice.

I must confess that I, feeling frustrated and powerless to create a deep change in our society, have turned my head to the other side, I don’t support this kind of stuff through comments but I haven’t condemned them as well. My sin is to only watch. My sin is not to act. Mea culpa.

I don’t know what the solution may be, but get hold of a thieve and “serve our own justice” do not solve the bigger problem. It doesn’t solve the problem of murderers, narcs, terrorists or the ramping violence in the shape of personal, juridic, social and economic unsafety.

With desperation, I look all over the World and I see violence getting more and more coverage on media and out of it. All of this thanks to the public inaction or even the lust to watch that thing they want to call justice.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are filled daily with comments inciting or even supporting violence like the right way to solve the violence-powered problems without realizing that throwing violence towards other people we are actually fueling that same violence to come back to us eventually.

Some for political reasons, others for religion and some more only because of the anarchy, everybody is looking for the same thing: Violence as the way to show up and defend their ideas. This actually nullify the message from the start.

Slowly but without stop, we walk that path, that descending spiral of violence that generates vendetta over vendetta, until it creates a violence shockwave  that will end taking us to that feared post-nuclear apocalypse.

If we behave like animals, or even worst, we’re only building a terrible future even beyond that sci-fi nightmare that was The Planet of the Apes.

Our answer to violence must be the redirection of that energy far away from us. Evade the aggression and subdue the violence. Search for peace and balance in each of our actions, as small as it may be. A single snow crystal can start a slide. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant  you think an action can be, it generates a chain reaction that can reach farther away than you may imagine.

As for me, I raise my baby girl without yelling , without aggression, without punches, without punishment that creates fear in her. I prefer to raise here with love, respect and words. Lots of words. At her short age of 3 years, she already started to understand that her decisions, in matters that may seem trivial to adults, are important.

I believe that a new generation of human beings that listen more and yell a lot less is the best way to counterattack that wave full of violence that is circling the World. A lot of millennials are like that already, but we need more. We need an awful lot more.

Before yelling, think. Before throwing a punch, talk. Before damaging someone, try to manage your own wrath in a better way. Violence must be, if nothing else works, always the last resort.


This World needs more consistent people.
People who actually do what they say. People who love and don’t hate
People that helps and let others help them.

Jesús Sánchez


Give a little Love! <3

This is another short post to share a very nice video to lift up some spirit.

If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own

If everyone makes a decision to, at least, do one nice action every day, give some love at least once a day, the World would be a better place to live.


Excuses. What’s yours?

Hello once more beloved readers!

Today I’m here to talk about me, about you, about everyone. I’m here to talk about us all, because all of us have used excuses to avoid jumping into success.

Today I’m going to talk about people who actually had a very good excuse, but decided not to use it. I’ve come today to talk to you about those extraordinary persons that stepped over their obstacles and are standing up with pride, head high up, showing the world what can be achieved by dropping our excuses.

“Not everyone is able to do that” “I don’t know if I will be able to make it” “He/she got the opportunity that I never had” “He/she was lucky, I’m not”

Everyone of us have said one of these phrases, maybe all of them, at a certain point of our life.Well, is now time to open eyes and see that all of them point in the same direction… Fear. Fear of failure, of success, of trying, of being different. It’s always fear.

Did you ever thought about watching a marathoner that was supposed to be tied to a bed or not to live at all after having a hard birth and almost was born dead? Let me introduce you to Maickel Melamed, a venezuelan that stood up against medical doctors analysis, prognostics, and showed every single person who felt sorry about him that all of them were deeply wrong. Maickel was born with a condition called “Motor delay”. His muscles suffered severe hypotonia to the grade of leaving him paralyzed. This year, Maickel completed nothing less but the Boston Marathon, after participating in 4 others: Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokio. Maickel had an excuse, but he never used it. Want to find more? Visit

I can name another venezuelan that I, proudly, call my cousin. Luis Alejandro Martinez. I remember a long time ago, being a child and looking up to him. I wanted to be like him. Sports junkie, he loved (and still does) surfing and the beach. One day, life (and surf) sent him to a wheel chair, almost paralyzed below the neck. Some times he even had trouble breathing. Those were extremely tough times, almost nobody knew how toe approach him. Frustration and rage manifested as the only way to interact, but slowly, with the support of his family and a mother worthy of a Nobel price to dedication, Luis got over it. That stage was finally over. He wrote a book. He started an manufacturing company. Today he’s an entrepreneur, a smiling soul, with genuine happiness because he knows he’s a better version of himself. Because he had the guts to swim against the flow. Because he made a huge accomplishment out of a huge obstacle. Luis had an excuse, but he decided not to use it! If you want to know more, visit his Facebook page: Discapadiseños – Ayúdanos a ayudar.

Nick vujicic lleva su mensaje a bogotá parque simón bolivarI can mention Nick Vujicic, another example of self-accomplishment that goes far beyond imagination. This guy doesn’t have arms or legs. He only has something like a piece of foot below his waist. This guy really had an excuse, but he lived alone, plays golf, go surfing, swims in his pool and now he’s married, got a kid and they’re waiting for a second one! He’s also a motivational speaker, for obvious reasons, got a great sense of humor and is an exceptional human being. Nick didn’t want to use his excuse. If you want to find out more, visit Life Without Limbs

Take a look at Team Hoyt, which is been around since 1977 demonstrating what is teamwork. They have been in multiple marathons, biathlons and triathlons, including the amazing Ironman! They decided to retire back in 2014 after almost 40 years running. They were in the Boston Marathon more than 30 times. You can visit their web page at

Look at Amy Purdy, who got over a terrible illness that reclaimed both her legs and her kidneys to become a success case in “Dancing with the Stars”. She’s a Paralympics medalist and professional athlete.

The point I want to make is that we’re always able to look outside, to point to external circumstances or even persons to blame. We can even point our fingers to those who were born “lucky”. But until we stop using all of these things as excuses, only when we discover our true potential within ourselves, only when we decide to use it, until that moment we will continue making excuses.Of course there’s “lucky” people, but the “success cases” are more often based on dedication, resilience and fearless people rather than lucky shots.

If we let fear talk to our ears, we will always have an excuse (not necessarily good) to support our paralysis, our failure or even our “I won’t risk it” decision. If we overcome our fear, close our senses to it and open them to the world, we will be able to get as far as we dream!

Twenty years from now
you will be more disappointed

by the things that you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Do you need validation?

Hello dear readers, this just a short post to share a short film that, despite having been around for 6 years already, doesn’t grow old and, most probably, you’ll never get bored watching it.

Enjoy this short, but emotional story!

And get something from it. Validate people around you. Lifting others’ spirits will get you better surroundings. Push forward, push up. Lift people. Live better.

(Versión en Español)

Lead a team like a Boss! Or not?

Hello beloved readers. Once more I’m here sharing my thoughts with you, trying to find out what’s on your mind and trying to get more points of view about everything in my own brain. Today I want to talk about that evil monster called a boss that have been showing up in several posts during the last few months.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the differences between a boss and a leader. Seems like from now on, the boss is the bad guy of the movie. But my ideas are quite different. A boss, a real one is nothing but a leader. The others are just misfortunes of some jobs. I say that a boss is not a manger. A boss is not the owner of the company. A boss is that guy/girl that you admire because he/she is so good that you can’t help it but want to be like him/her. Those are the real bosses. Sometimes, you’re the boss, the leader, but not the manager.

A leadership is not a position to hold power, to yell orders at people or to feel superior to anyone. A leadership is the opportunity to show others how to become leaders themselves. As a leader, you motivate people, push them up, make them realize they can go far beyond their own expectations and look for the strengths of each team member to conform your own clockwork apparatus.

As a leader, you are in charge of maintaining the gears rolling at full speed, taking your team to achievements they couldn’t even imagine. You’re the tip of the lance. You’re their inspiration. You’re the one they look at when something goes wrong. Your attitude as a leader is the attitude of the team. You will know if you’re doing it “like a boss” when people start following you by themselves.

How can you be a leader “like a boss”?


Show your team how to achieve their goals as a team and as individuals. Talk to them. Rely on their strengths and trust them. The more trust you lend them, the more they will feel challenged to keep up.


Be the engine of your team. Laugh always. Have a good attitude and teach them how to overcome obstacles with a smile in your face. Keep the energy even when everybody else is down. Take breaks to let people recharge and build team spirit whenever you can.


Define your scope and goals. Creating several steps – or minor goals – that will get the team to a major milestone will give them the sense of achievements. Make a clear scope. Create well defined and clearly delimited goals that will advance the project to desired levels and keep pushing one goal at a time.


I can’t stress this enough. DO NOT MICRO-MANAGE! That’s a major mistake that leads – specially technical leads – tend to commit. You’re a lead, you’re not responsible for every little piece of work. Each member in your team must be good at a particular task. Delegate each task to the best member on the team for such an item and let him do his/her magic. That’s how it works.


If you’re not happy leading a team, then don’t do it. Not everyone is born to be a leader, and that’s perfectly OK. But if you really want to be a leader, you must enjoy it. You must feel passion about it. You must feel blessed to have the opportunity to watch your team grow and evolve, and even better, to be the fuse that will impulse that evolution.


Let each member of the team what they did good. Point out places of improvement, but focus on the best of their job. After all, you want them to be the best at what they do better. They can improve other skills, but don’t take them to unknown areas that can sink them in frustration. Train together. Learn together. Take some time to let everyone share their expertise with the team. That will raise the general knowledge of your team and the person sharing the knowledge gets instant recognition because he/she is teaching his/her teammates.

All of this said. I hope all of you, leaders out there, become every day a better version of yourselves and show your teammates to do so. Only by evolving together you will all get to new levels of expertise, teamwork and achievement.

Words of Wisdom:

If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader

John Quincy Adams